The LuLaRoe Cassie is a knee length, pencil skirt which is made out of a stretchy material and comes with a foldable waistband. Its waistband allows for the adjustment of length as per the requirements of the wearer. It’s one of my personal favorites and fits my professional life to a tee.  The LuLaRoe Cassie shape and the LuLaRoe Cassie sizing fit the professional world that I live and I tend to see many more pencil skirts than bright flowy ones so I make the Cassie my go to.

The Cassie is a unique derivative of the maxi skirt but is made without compromising on quality and comfort. While you might think that this skirt restricts the possibilities of the ways in which it can be worn, you’ll be surprised at finding out the secrets of it.

The Shirt

 Yeah, you read that right. This fancy looking skirt can easily be worn as a top. With its ideal length and the foldable waistband, you can simply pull it upwards not up to your waist but instead up to your chest and fold it so that it fits just like a shirt.

It will be just right if you’re looking to wear a strapless shirt and find that all of which you have are in the laundry and you need one in a pinch. For the bottoms, you can wear skinny jeans and to cover it, you can wear a nice sweater which is open from the front (to avoid blocking the view to your skirt-converted-top).

The Infinity Scarf

This skirt is ideally suited for becoming an infinity scarf! This idea is especially productive when you’re unaware of how to fold one yourself. You can simply fold this skirt and pull it over and above your shoulders and around your neck, like a garland.

You no longer have to go to the store and spend extra money on a scarf, which might I add will not be cheap. Instead, just roll up this skirt and voila! You now have a ready to wear scarf.

The Occasional Dress

On a Friday night, when you’ve planned to go out with your friends but unfortunately cannot find anything attractive to wear because all of the clothes you have, have been worn a thousand times over, do not worry.

Take out your Cassie skirt and pull it over and above the waist at chest length. Underneath it, wear a sexy lace bra which will not make the skirt-come-dress look as if it doesn’t fit right. On top of it, you are free to wear your favorite sweater or a nice shrug which will go well with it.

The Skirt with a Peplum Top

To make yourself unique and classy, you can simply adorn this skirt with a peplum top. Since they are fitted at the waist, they will give you the hourglass figure and make your waist look skinny.

The long, fitted skirt along with a peplum top will give you a tall, thin look. If you have a straight body or have your love handles bulging outward, then the peplum top will adjust and slim your waist.

I recently pulled this look off at a work going away party. I purchased this sweet peplum top from my local Nordstrom Rack that made my curves pop while wearing my Cassie. I love diversity of this pencil skirt.

The Casual Look

While the first thought you might have about this skirt would be that it’s too formal and reserved for work days but please do not be mistaken. It can be worn casually as well. It’s very easy to wear so all you have to do is to pull it on and you’re ready to go. There isn’t a lot of fluffing this skirt to get it going and that’s what I love about it.

Simply wearing a bright colored t-shirt or a nice crop-top on top of it will make it look fantastic. To avoid looking too formal, you can let go of the belt idea and simply fold the waistband. To top it off, you can wear a denim jacket over your shirt to look a little fancier. Match it up with blue pumps.

LuLaRoe Sizing

The LuLaRoe Cassie size chart is available in the following variations: double extra small through to triple extra-large.

The sizing chart was specially prepared to enable you get what you want. Whether you are a small or an xtra large type of gal, you can look to the chart to offer just the right kind of skirt for you. Perhaps the most pleasant fact about the LuLaRoe sizing chart is that it does not only cater for the extremes as there are various sizing variations from the smallest to the largest size.


You may be surprised at the amount of ways you can wear your Cassie skirt but these are just some of its variations. You are free to alter it and wear it in any way you like. The skirt can be worn with shirts of varying colors and types including blouses, crop tops, or dress shirts. Depending on the color and style of your Cassie skirt, you can mix and match accordingly.

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