My name is Tammy and I’m just an ordinary girl in a super cruel world. That’s how my journey began….and a journey it has been!

This started years ago as a little girl who blossomed into an adventurous and thriving adult. An adult with an eating problem. Yeah I’m just going to get right to it. I had a serious eating problem that got worse as the years went on. How does the relate to fashion you say? Well ask any fat girl how they feel in clothes and most if not all will say….”these clothes make me feel fat or look even fatter.”

It’s nearly impossible to find clothes that make you feel pretty as a girl on the plus side and when you do find them, good luck at feeling good in them. Point being no clothes make you feel comfortable or pretty when you are on the heavy side so when you find something that changes your life you want to shout out to the world and tell everyone don’t you? Well I do. I post about it on social media so why not write about it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about by now, I’m talking about the brand LuLaRoe!

In my blog I will take you on my journey of how I discovered these clothes, what they are, who sells them and why I am so damned in love with them. While I have no affiliation with the company or it’s consultants, my life has changed for the better because of them so I invite you to follow my path to a new me.

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