How to wear the LuLaRoe Amelia backwards

Are you looking for a perfect fabric to rock all day? Well, LuLaRoe Amelia dress is one of the most comfortable and unique dresses flexible enough to be worn on a fancy night out. This dress displays elegance as it is made of elastic knit textile that fits my body well and giving me a sassy look. There is no sign of discomfort hence, I can rock the LuLaRoe Amelia backwards all through the day.

The super special thing about this LuLaRoe Amelia fabric is its structured sleeves and box pleats designed to elevate it. This feature makes the dress impeccable for casual as well as office wear. Moreover, here are my favorite ways to style the Amelia dress backwards.

LuLaRoe Amelia backwards

Worn backward with the zipper in front

The Amelia dress is worn backward with the zipper facing the front. Ensure you zip up the dress almost to the top. You can achieve this stylish look by zipping all the way up. To create a V-neck effect, tuck under the upper corners of the LuLaRoe Amelia. This will make you look sassy in the office or when going shopping.

Amelia dress with leggings and booties

The LuLaRoe Amelia is not only stylish when worn backward but can also be worn even in the cooler weather conditions. The dress can give a sassy look when worn with leggings and boots. Underneath the dress, a long-sleeve tee is a cloth to wear to achieve the elegance LuLaRoe Amelia backwards look.

Combined with a graphic tee

I am a lover of graphic tees so I rock the Amelia dress with them. The dress can be worn no matter the occasion. The dress comes with a pocket making it unique. This makes it easier for me to carry my essentials without having to carry my handbag. My lipstick, cell phone, and car keys fit perfectly into my pocket without the bulgy look. If you are a stylish lady, then this dress will make you look sleek and sassy.

LuLaRoe Amelia Sizing

If you are a plus size and want to wear something that will complement your curves, then no need to worry as Amelia dress has got you covered. The perfect dresses that will make you feel confident and beautiful are the Amelia dress. Many sassy ladies who are a plus size have never considered of the LuLaRoe Amelia sizing options. The Amelia dress has a high neckline and fitted bodice as well as sleeves that complement all body sizes and shapes. A lover of matching accessories like earrings, scarfs, hats, and necklaces can rock the Amelia dress since it has a neckline that allows the use of decorations. The dress has prints and colors that make it suitable to be worn at any time of the year.

LuLaRoe Amelia


A LuLaRoe Amelia dress worn backwards can be rocked with wedges. The Amelia dress is perfect for a sassy look during the spring. A neutral gray and white LuLaRoe dress with pockets will match with neutral gray wedges. If you are the type of lady that values the stylish look no matter the weather then this is the perfect blending for you.

LuLaRoe Size up or down

Every style has its own exception to LuLaRoe sizing. Your bust size determines the LuLaRoe Size up or down Amelia that will bring out the sassy look. LuLaRoe is designed to be rocked by all sizes without making the ladies in plus size categories feeling less self-confident. The Amelia dress is unique as it is the only one designed with hidden pockets and a zipper back. It contains pleats in the lower part of the dress to make it appear full and flowing. LuLaRoe size up or down is meant for ladies with a big or small bust. The dress comes in nearly all sizes to fit perfectly without any regrets into your wardrobe.

This stretchy Amelia dress has a unique aspect of YKK zipper closure at the back. The dress also has hidden pockets that allow you to wear the LuLaRoe Amelia backwards and still look sassy. The dresses can be worn at all instances and still maintain a stylish look. The wide ranges of colors that the dresses come with make every girl look beautiful and feel comfortable. This dress is an every girl need!

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