LuLaRoe changed my life

Do you have Instagram or Facebook friend who always posts the captions of her crazy leggings which are always followed by celebration and admiration comments? I was one of the girls who used to seriously admire captions of my social media friends fitted in LuLaRoe Randy clothing. I was always glued in screens with a confused frown face, reading peoples admiration comments till the day I decided to try a LuLaRoe randy. If you are a girl who admires the LuLaRoe Randy, don’t just sit there, hold my hand and together we explore this.

Haven’t heard of LuLaRoe T-shirts you say?

If you don’t already know, LuLaRoe is a new clothing company that makes different clothing styles by use of stretchy fabrics and patterns which are unique. They sell their clothes through an intermediary commonly known as a consultant who sells the products through Facebook and other social media. They are known to offer excellent clothing style which results in ultimate comfort. While they make many different styles, the most comfortable as of late for me is the LuLaRoe Randy.

LuLaRoe Randy Sizing chart

Most newbies of LuLaRoe clothing get confused when it comes to choosing the size which can best fit them. This should not worry you in the least bit; I was also faced with this kind of challenge when I was a newbie in the LuLaRoe world. It’s for this reason that I analyzed every style and their size to help you choose a size which will bring out the look and fitness you always dread for. Scroll on to learn more. Below I will talk a little about the t-shirt like line that LuLaRoe produces starting with my favorite the LuLaRoe Randy.

LuLaRoe Randy

This is a unisex top whose name was coiled from the company’s first male consultant known as Randy. This fitting is mostly sized up for a looser fit since it is a baseball tee with a straight fit. It is mainly paired up with a Cassie skirt but you can fancy it anyway you like. I personally like to dress it down with some converse and some leggings. If you aren’t sure which size is right for you be sure to check LuLaRoe Randy sizing with an online LuLaRoe size chart that has easy to read sizing for all body shapes.

LuLaRoe Irma

This is a female top which has a loose fitting and is considered a high to low tunic. It is also fitted with medium length sleeves. My opinion and most other LuLa lovers feel it’s most beautiful when it is worn with leggings. This is because it covers both front and your back side. However, it is important to size it down to 1-2 sizes from its standard size. If you aren’t sure which size is right for you be sure to check LuLaRoe Irma sizing with an online LuLaRoe Irma size chart.

LuLaRoe Classic T

The main features such as short sleeves characterize this lovely fitting shirt. It also has a scoop neck and has a hemline which is longer in the back than its size in the front. I have seen the classic T paired with a maxi skirt, or it can be paired up with an Azure skirt. This combination tags along most comfortable feeling. As with the other shirts, if you aren’t sure which size is right for you be sure to check LuLaRoe Classic T sizing with an online LuLaRoe Classic T size chart. You can also find this size chart on my blog as well to help you.

LuLaRoe Perfect T

Mid-length sleeve and a scoop-neck characterize this fitting. It also has slits fitted on its two sides which explains its swing shape. It is advisable to size it down to at least one size of the perfect T since it gives a flowy fit. Go over to the LuLaRoe Perfect T size chart on my blog to see what the right fit is for you.

But the one that changed it all is the LuLaRoe Randy and it changed my life.

Putting on ill-fitting clothes always made me have low self-esteem and caused me to walk around with a feeling of being self-conscious all day every day. I, however, agree that it is not easy to buy new things when we have other pressing goals to reach in life. For me that goal was to lose weight so I could then find clothes that made me feel pretty. My life consisted of constant heartbreak when I couldn’t figure out what to wear in casual settings since all the fittings I was trying didn’t fit. I was always embarrassed until LuLaRoe come to my rescue.

I am delighted that I was introduced to LuLaRoe Randy sometime back. This is the best, advantageous and worthwhile discovery I have made so far. Their fittings have given me the courage of walking head-on in casual setting gatherings. They have also given me the courage of taking captions of myself in their fittings and posting them to my social media friends. Guess what? The kind of comments and praises I receive makes me believe that I am adorable sporting the LuLaRoe line of clothes.

I tried this, and I don’t regret, why can’t you try it today?

I like LuLaRoe since they have different varieties of styles that fits and are compatible with varying types of body styles. You, therefore, get your type which makes you feel great irrespective of your body shape. Is this not great? Try it today and just like me, you will leave with blessings to count.


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