First off I want to say I hope all of you had a great 2018 but I don’t know about you but I’m looking towards 2019! Last year was good year for some of us and not so good for others. I have heard my fair share of complaints from some close friends on what they want changed for the upcoming year and what they don’t want to carry on from the past. I’m the looking ahead type of gal.

If many of you are like me you dug deep into your pocket books in 2018 to stock that closet full of LuLa. Okay I admit it I have a problem, haha. I think I may just have a shopping problem and not a LuLa problem. But I can go days until I see some LuLaRoe style ideas that catch my eye and then there I go falling off the wagon, ha. But seriously yall, I was doing good for a while there and bam.

I can tell you what I am looking forward to most in 2019 is…….slimming up. Yeah that’s right, this big girl wants to drop a few pounds. I always caught myself in the past checking out LuLaRoe plus size reviews on clothing that I was going to purchase next and now I’m eyeing the LuLaRoe size chart to see how many sizes I plan on moving up after shedding some pounds. I know I get it all the time, “Tammy you will feel so good after dropping the weight.” I get it people but I LOVE food. Really who doesn’t love food? I think portion control is key.

Also something else that excites me is a vacation. I am planning a trip to Disney world in the middle of the year with some cousins and their little ones. You know me I am prepared with all my Disney LuLa. I mean seriously, with the affordable LuLaRoe Disney prices, you don’t have to wait to buy the “Official” Disney clothing from Disney to look like a Mouseketeer! LuLaRoe has something for everyone don’t they?

Hopefully I am not over shooting my expectations for 2019. Losing weight isn’t all that hard. I mean I did it before years ago but I had more will power than I do now. Ugh and not to mention I will need all new clothing. But hey I’m good at buying clothes right, haha. I’m sitting here now wearing my LuLaRoe Amelia backwards and thinking about all the new styling possibilities with the LuLaRoe line after I drop the weight. I know there are more things to be thinking about like my health for starters and not what clothes I will buy but let’s be real here a girl has to look good right!

So to all you LuLa lovers out there who have followed my life journey with blogging and loving the brand LuLaRoe, I wish you a happy new year! I hope you find your “you” like I did over the past few years. I hope you find what make you and yours happy and when you do you will know it.

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