Okay so I have to put this out there. Many of you are feeling what I am thinking so I am just going to say it. You know how I like to speak my mind so here it is. We all know every company has its ups and downs. Well LuLaRoe is experiencing that right now. LuLaRoe has gotten rid of some major people their supply chain and added new ones in their place. With that said clothes are starting to fit very different. 

With that said people are upset because the LuLaRoe size chart they once followed and are accustomed to is changing. Unfortunately not changing for the better. To be blunt the clothing line is fitting different than it used to. BUT…..with any clothing line and company, they experience this. Even before I discovered LuLaRoe, the clothes I bought went through the same thing. We all have dealt with this with other clothing lines so I’m not sure why so many LuLaRoe lovers are upset.  I guess it’s because we have been in love so long and no we are having our first fight, ha. 

Compare it to a relationship right? You are on cloud 9 for so long then something goes wrong. Well that’s what the LuLaRoe cult is going through now. Just a few examples of some of the flaws I have personally seen and have talked to others about. The LuLaRoe tanks that were and still are so popular. Now for me I’m a simple girl and on a budget. Trust me I follow the LuLaRoe price list and LuLaRoe size chart to pick out what fits and what I can afford. These tanks had some issues with the arm holes!! Meaning some holes were bigger on one side of your chest than the other. The hole on your left arm was cut a lot lower than the hole cut on your right arm! This is just one example. But you have to understand that LuLaRoe has new staff designers and supply chains. 

When companies change supply chains, designers, etc you see things like this happen. So I know we all got a little butt hurt that our fabulous threads aren’t fitting like they used to but it’s just growing pains that hopefully won’t last too long. I still buy LuLaRoe because where else can you buy clothes like this where you won’t walk around with everyone else wearing the same shit you just bought off the racks at Nordstrom. Sorry for the language but honestly its a brand that makes me feel great, you can’t find everywhere and is affordable. 

You have to admit that a good LuLaRoe consultant will lay out the LuLaRoe size chart and LuLaRoe price list for all their customers up front. If you have a good consultant they will know what fits you best and will know how to size you in the newly released styles. It’s good to have consultant in your pocket that will keep you informed of the ins and outs of the brand. So with that in mind, you have someone to bitch to when something isn’t fitting like it used to. 

All that being said I’m still sticking this brand out. So what, a few things haven’t fit perfectly or the prints haven’t been what you wanted. What other clothing line have made you so excited to jump online at night and say “sold” time and time again. What other clothing line can you say you have in your closet that you won’t find on store shelves. What other clothing line has made a big women like me feel good in her own skin. That’s right……I thought so. 

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