Let’s be clear – I’m a girl, and I’m not exactly on the petite side. I’ve been self-conscious about what I wear my entire life. Going through my wardrobe every morning has literally been torture – it used to seem that, no matter what I put on my body, my every unsightly roll of pudge would be exposed. It’s been an inner battle just to go out in public.

Ever since I discovered LuLaRoe clothing brand, I’ve become the confident woman I’ve always wanted to be …

It all began with my first LuLaRoe pop up showing. My best friend, Kate, who has a much better body than me, decided to host her first pop up through my favorite independent consultant LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider. I will put her contact below. Robyn was who introduced me to the brand and really, anybody who starts up their own business is freaking awesome, aren’t they? And a clothing business at that! If only I could find a job where I did exactly what I love, and got paid all day for it! Woman power!!

LuLaRoe Pop Up

How a LuLaRoe popup show works

Unlike other clothing retailers, LuLaRoe doesn’t operate through brick-and-mortar shops like JC Penny. Instead, independent hostesses and consultants order their own stock, then set up “parties” for everyone they know where they sell the clothes and take a cut of the profits.

Kate was the hostess, and I was invited among the rest of our girlfriends – although I really didn’t know any of them, since I don’t go out often because let’s face it, I’m not too confident in my body. The LuLaRoe hostess schedules an appointment with an “independent fashion consultant,” and then she invites all her family and friends to come over. Kate literally had an entire shop set up at her home. There were racks and the entire shebang – as soon as we walked in, everyone went crazy!

It was at my friend’s popup party that I was introduced to this spectacular clothing brand. Unlike any other clothes I’ve tried – and, trust me, in my quest to find a way not look like Jabba the Hutt in public, I’ve tried on literally everything – LuLaRoe shirts are the ONLY line that actually make my extra ass-ets 😉 actually look like great assets!

Of course, I had the best customer service experience I’ve ever had while shopping with LuLaRoe. Why? Because with Robyn, she is also one of the best and friendliest consultants that I have ever met! She knows more about what I need from my outfits than any other fashion expert in the market. If my very best friend tried these clothes on and went absolutely gaga over them, I know for certain I can trust this company with what I put on my body.

LuLaRoe Is For The Plus Size Girl

I’ve been to several other pop up parties since my first one. So far, I’ve collected two Julia dresses, the Irma tunic, and an Amelia. Here are some of my favorite features about these clothes:

– They’re versatile, you can easily switch between pieces and make dazzling outfits with every combination

– All of the clothes have been created with outstanding quality

– Every outfit has its own unique character and flavor – each one stands out vibrantly from the rest

– They look great on any body shape (even mine!)

– Having a LuLaRoe pop up party and shopping for clothes is lots of fun with your girlfriends especially with wine involved, hehe.

Ladies….arrive early to these parties, and you’ll have the widest selection to choose from. If the hostess sells an item from her pop-up collection, too late, game over, it’s probably gone forever which is the cool and exclusive fad about this brand.

Maybe you wanted to get the girls together for a day of shopping, but you wanted to hang in the house and have tea (or wine) and cheese. When you shop with LuLaRoe, you can do BOTH at the same time!

Maybe you don’t personally have any friends who are hosting a LuLaRoe pop up. You can get help setting up your own! To do this all you have to do is find a LuLaRoe consultant near you. These Independent consultants are very eager to serve you, once you connect with one through a VIP on Facebook, they will come to your house and set up shop right in your home. Then grab the phone, text all your friends and family, bring them over, and let the pop up party commence!

What’s the best part? (Besides, of course, having clothes that don’t actually make you feel worse than being naked). When you buy the clothes, you take them straight home! No waiting weeks for an order to come in. Also if you are the hostess you get crazy rewards. Yep you heard me right! Because we bought so many LuLaRoe clothes at Kate’s party she received a ton of free stuff. Some consultants give you discounts and even free clothes depending on how many pieces sale at your pop up.

So jump online and find a LuLaRoe consultant and book your next pop up……you will thank me for it later.

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