Top Ways to Style LuLaRoe Outfits

Top Ways to Style LuLaRoe Outfits

The LuLaRoe fashion train to freedom and self-expression has been hitting world blogs and current trends. If you probably haven’t heard of LuLaRoe then you must have been taking a long hiatus from the Internet and fashion trends.

If so, LuLaRoe is an Independent California-based clothing manufacturer with vibrant designer prints and solid colors only sold through their independent consultants. However, I take it as love expressed in a pattern of fun and funky styles that can get you instantly hooked. This is one girl who has gotten hooked on this fashion trend and thanks to my LuLa dealer and all-time favorite consultant LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider, I now have a better understanding on how to style LuLaRoe outfits.

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LuLaRoe Outfit Ideas

Because Robyn got me started in this addiction of LuLaRoe I will feature some of her LuLaRoe outfit ideas below. In my opinion she is one of the best at personal styling.

Gone are the days when clothing lines manufacture single gender based outfits. LuLaRoe outfits package a little heaven for everyone; man, woman old or young. I know this cause my whole family is rocking the outfit!

Styling the outfits shouldn’t give you any trouble since they change regularly making it next to impossible to have the same patterns of outfits. A few personal favorites that formed the foundational pieces of my wardrobe include the Classics like the T that goes perfectly with the maxi dress, the Julia dress that’s dynamic enough to go with just about anything.

LuLaRoe Legging Outfits

It doesn’t matter what time of day, season or occasion it is, I wear leggings for just about everything. I can be all sweaty jogging and still look pretty or stay warm during the winter in my double layer leggings. If you see a pattern you like, grab it because chances are you won’t see it again. The LuLaRoe catalog changes often with new patterns updated every hour so your chance at styling some LuLaRoe legging outfits is a certainty in my book.

Some legging outfit ideas that I have come to deeply love include mixing it up with the old rugged crazy jeans that everyone owns with a stand-alone color that gives it a pop of color. Another bold statement can be obtained through artistically mixing monochromatic colors and varying the sizes and scales on the prints of the LuLaRoe Julia or the Ana.

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LuLaRoe Classics

You can now wear some of the classics without getting the feeling of looking too old. After all, what is a great fashion sense without a little experimentation? The Julia dress hits all the right places including above the knee with a high neckline and a stretchy soft fabric to display those famous curves. Alone, the dress offers exceptional seriousness but mixed with a pair of leggings gives a casual sensation.

If you are one of the reserved women who feel uncomfortable with clothes above the knees, you can cover up the Julia dress with a classic Shirley Kimono that has your back covered – literally! If you are feeling over ambitious, you can throw in an extra pair of leggings to complete the set. Or if that doesn’t work for you, combine an azure skirt or a Lucy statement top and blazer to make you go for the effortless look.

LuLaRoe Maxi Skirts

For those with funny bone structures, birth marks or gruesome accident burns and scars can also join the fashion trend with the maxi skirt. Whether you are short as I am or tall, there are different sizes to choose from. Just like the leggings these skirts also come in a variety of colors and prints. Depending on how you want to accessorize, you can choose a solid skirt or a pattern one. As you will see below the maxi goes great with a classic T.

Since it’s a LuLaRoe design, you can bet all the prints are going to be uniquely different and original. Some floral prints are usually the best to give you that Hawaiian look if you are an island girl. Almost all maxi dresses are triple weighted meaning you don’t have to worry about it tearing off on trips to the dry cleaners. Just be careful not to dry out your Maxi Skirt in the dryer.

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LuLaRoe Carly Dress Mixing

Life is too short to put on boring clothes. The manufacturers of the LuLaRoe clothing line made this possible with un-biased pattern mixing. If you want to flatter your lady parts then you need to own a LuLaRoe Carly. This dress comes in different types of washes, fabrics and prints making it a must for your closet. This dress is so versatile and I absolutely love the swing style of the Carly.  It goes great alone or with some matching leggings like below and a cute little trick with the flower pulled on the side like Robyn displays for you.

Again, when you are going crazy and mixing the colors up, pick a pattern that unifies the colors bearing in mind your skin tone. Pattern mixing is very delicate and has no define rules. Quite frankly, I just go with what I feel works best for me.

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Creating Your Own Patterns

Nothing feels better than customizing your own clothes into a miraculous fashion wonder. You can create your own patterns using fishnets. Depending on your tastes and preferences, fishnets contain an endless rainbow assortment of colors all with different textures.

Being a fan of Rock music, I like neon fishnets over dark colors to really feel the glow or the opposite of that. You can even add different layers and push a short skirt over the fishnet and leggings to give you a zebra look.

Really when it comes down to it these are all just ideas. You can create the outfit of your dreams based on what taste you have. I am giving you example pictures but use your own taste to create your marvelous wonder and don’t just me just because I am a rocker at hear, ha.

Adding Flare with Tunics

The newest trend with girls these days is putting on a short skirt over a pair of leggings to act as a tunic. Let’s not forget a high pair of boots to complete the look. Moreover, the beauty with the LuLaRoe classics include changing the Julia into a fully-fledged tunic top.

Simply pull it up careful enough not to damage the hemline and put on your favorite pair on leggings. I usually do a scarf during the winter season to give me that hot eskimo look, haha. Just don’t go overboard with accessories and put on too much bling as that would make you unprofessional or a rapper, hehe.

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Don’t Forget To Accessorize

Valentine’s day and Mother’s Day are some of the best holidays a woman can get to have what she wants. Christmas doesn’t make the list since it’s all about family. Make use of the goodies you get and accessorize over your unique LuLaRoe designs.

I discovered that a neutral colored bag matches splendidly with a crazier look full of patterns. A dark colored top goes great with a brightly colored handbag. As a lady of class, always remember to uphold the signature look and wear jewelry up to a minimum.

Matching Outfits

If you are going to look fabulous, don’t go about it alone. LuLaRoe makes clothes for children, men and women so remember to get your partner a matching pair or something similar to what you have. This will finally put you in the same league as the couple’s goals you see in fashion blogs and on social media.

I got the boys steampunk outfits over the Halloween holiday to match my own simple leopard print mixed style that made me feel much sexier than with my plain old T’s.

Remember the LuLaRoe way is the best way.

Have you shopped the LuLaRoe catalog?

Have you shopped the LuLaRoe catalog?

“I Believe in you……(Deanne Stidham CEO) That is the wholesome message of what a big girl like me needs to hear. LuLaRoe is a fabulous find for someone always busy and on the go, with at least one diaper bag and stroller. Knowing the company was started by a woman trying to make ends meet and then became a business that is family based and family oriented is extremely inspirational to moms everywhere. While exploring the LuLaRoe catalog online, it is nice to see that this body can also feel beautiful and empowered by the fashionable styles of today to match. Love the body that you were given, now inspired after seeing LuLaRoe catalog online to feel empowered in the way that LuLaRoe inspires others to feel! Now I use the word catalog loosely. It’s more of an online store or an online boutique but to me it’s like shopping out of a at home catalog because you get to comfort of shopping in your own home anytime you want.

LuLaRoe Catalog Styles

Freedom to shop the LuLaRoe catalog in the comfort of my own home!

This catalog is a treasure chest with clothing styles from tops to bottoms, for example, “LuLaRoe Irma, and LuLaRoe Carly, that keeps with the trends of the time and also has sizes for all , from girls to grown women.

The online catalog allows freedom of a non-judgmental environment to freely explore all different fashionable trends in the market today. Being able to have the freedom to piece together the perfect outfit to finish the perfect painting is a huge positive in my book. While looking at the catalog, I absolutely love the fact that a sexy yet Sunday church dress can be found all in one place online. The online ability allows anyone to really shop from wherever you are, or whatever you are doing at that moment. I know, I have been at the department store walking up and down those aisles, already knowing exactly where everything is, like a programmed drone, then I spot it. That perfect combination of pattern, fit and length, yet sadly I give in and just push it aside knowing my size probably is not available. With LuLaRoe ,”Well girls, I just pick up my phone while I walk and love the fact that I can check new LuLaRoe inventory in my favorite LuLaRoe consultants groups. That’s a win in my book. Fair prices, creating trends that you can’t find in a store just makes LuLaRoe a place for all women on the go to find those pieces that will make any women’s closet complete and trendy. Other than tops and dresses which are my fav, LuLaRoe made its name for their famous leggings. They have for all sizes and different patterns we all have tried to find in our malls and can’t find the right fit, well that stops now. Even if you find a past design, they offer their consultants inventory that will assure you access to new designs through a boutique like approach.

The Message you can stand by

Shopping, and finally being able to support a company that truly defines and creates through “love of dreamers, purpose for those that work for the company and helps fill the purpose of the buyers, Confidence when walking out your door in the LuLaRoe pieces, and trust and growth of the company coming from the busy and not being forgotten moms and dads out there truly speaks to my soul ,that  I am helping a company worth sustaining. In the days where every penny matters it is wonderful to feel no guilt when I am buying an outfit for myself.

Helping those that help them

The final piece of LuLaRoe that creates such an amazing feeling when looking through each consultants online catalog, is knowing that they offer to anyone an ability to get involved and even employed by the company. What other clothing company pushes women and men to not just open up the wallet to them but also offers them a way to reach a dream with already a supporting community and advisor help on approaches? That shows to me that it’s a company that cares about the people and not just trying to empty their wallets out. How wonderful that I can buy these amazing pieces and the future possibly see one of my own designs being supported in an online LuLaRoe catalog.

LuLaRoe Catalog

Testimonial; “An online catalog is easier shopping anywhere”, As a bigger women with a busy schedule and lots of soccer practices, dance, football tryouts and etc , ohh husband,” lol,” I can’t believe I found such an amazing company created by amazing women and men that I feel I am helping sustain a good cause, and still walk away with a treasure of beautiful and stylish pieces that fit perfect to me, my life and diva side.” “I want to thank LuLaRoe the company, and the founder Deanne Stidham.”

To find your next LuLa treasure feel free to shop where I started with LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider HERE.

Why LuLaRoe Tall and Curvy Leggings changed my life

The first time I heard about LuLaRoe leggings, everyone was going crazy about them and I didn’t know what the fuss was all about. Since I am crazy about fashion and a huge fan of leggings too, my curiosity led me to find out more.

LuLaRoe tall and curvy leggings…the leggings that changed my life!

I was quite fascinated by the positive reviews I came across and decided it was time I actually tried these leggings to confirm the feedback people gave online. Since I am a plus-size girl, I bought a few pairs of the LuLaRoe tall and curvy leggings and when I tried them on I was extremely ecstatic.

LuLaRoe Tall and Curvy Leggings
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When other buyers say that these leggings are super soft, let me tell you that they are being timid to say the least. At first, I couldn’t stop touching them because of that soft amazing feel. These leggings are made from a combination of polyester and spandex; 92% and 8% respectively, hence their soft texture. It is possible to find other companies with this kind of combination, but LuLaRoe is unique because they only use these two materials for all their leggings……..and you won’t find these leggings on any department shelves.

Not only do they fit and bring out your curves well, but they are also extremely comfortable. I can truthfully say that these leggings have had a positive effect on my self-esteem. They make me look good; and when I look good I feel fantastic! I can wear them with literally anything from dresses, skirts, shirts and kimonos.

These leggings come in a variety of colors and exciting patterns. Initially, I was skeptical about wearing fancy prints because they tend to make one look bigger. However, LuLaRoe TC leggings do the opposite and make me look much slimmer whether they have patterns or not. My legs and thighs are big but the patterns on these leggings trick the eyes, making my legs appear slimmer. They have definitely been a major breakthrough for me.

The LuLaRoe Tall and Curvy leggings are recommended for people whose regular clothes size is 10 – 22. I usually go for different sizes between 20 and 22 as my size varies a lot. The leggings have a perfect snug fit and they don’t have that annoying tightness on the waistline like many other leggings do. I have a friend who is a size 26 and these leggings fit her comfortably as well.

I realized however, that most if not all LuLaRoe TC leggings have some variations depending on the pattern. I have a pair that are extremely stretchy and have some extra gathering at the bottom. They still are comfortable nonetheless. These magical leggings with the ever changing patterns take the focus away from my tummy area since that’s where most of my weight lies. Despite these ever changing variations, nothing will stop me from wearing and flaunting them out and about.

Some Quick Facts on LuLaRoe tall and curvy leggings

  • They can pass for a casual outfit depending on what you wear them with.
  • That soft buttery texture remains regardless of the number of times they are washed.
  • They dry really fast on their own.
  • They come in a huge variety of unique colors and patterns; so the chances of showing up at an event with the same pair of leggings as someone else are slim to none.
  • The price for these leggings is cheaper than other name brands. You may find that some sellers may reduce or increase the price, the leggings are generally $25.

How to Buy LuLaRoe TC Leggings

By now you must be ready to get yourself a few pairs of these amazingly soft leggings. One thing you need to know is that the LuLaRoe business is consultant-based. You will not randomly go to Google and find any online shop selling them. You need to find “dealers” who sell the leggings. They can be easily found in online LuLaRoe Facebook groups. I call them dealers because this brand has become a drug for me!

Some of them have an inventory that you can select from while others sell a bunch of them every other week in LuLaRoe live sales. In the latter case, you have to be quick when selecting your favorite pair because they sell super-fast. Each design has 1,000 pieces so if you find one you like you need to order it immediately.

LuLaRoe Leggings Size Chart
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The thing I love most about these leggings is that I can wear them to a party or simply use them as pajamas. Either way, they look stylish and fit very comfortably. I firmly believe that everyone should try these leggings. Even those who don’t like leggings will instantly fall in love the LuLaRoe tall and curvy leggings. And just in case you, like most people, are not sure about what size brings out the fashion animal in you, you can always take advantage of the LuLaRoe leggings size chart and you have my guarantee that you will find something that fits.

How to wash LuLaRoe Leggings

Last but not least you need to know how to care for your leggings. It’s relatively simple for those who do not want to read the tag on the inside of the leggings, haha. I know many of you have read the articles about LuLaRoe leggings fading but I will tell you this will never be you if you follow the LuLaRoe care instructions straight from the horses mouth. To wash LuLaRoe leggings first things first you turn them inside out. Next you wash in cold water, not warm, not hot, but cold! Last but not least you hang to dry. Isn’t that easy? The LuLaRoe washing instructions is literally on the inside of the tag but I know many don’t read tags.

In all you see why these are the leggings of my choice. To grab you a pair of these buttery soft leggings shop with the consultant that started the LuLaRoe craze for me. Shop LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider HERE.

My favorite LuLaRoe Amelia

The LuLaRoe Amelia dress has got to be one of the most unique and comfortable dresses I have ever seen. As a plus size lady, I am constantly faced with the challenge of getting the dress that fits me well that I can be comfortable in, but I haven’t had much luck with that until I came across the LuLaRoe Amelia dress. This dress does it for me really well because of the stretchy knit fabric it is made of. It fits my body perfectly and gives me a very sassy look. This makes it very comfortable for me to wear the dress all day without any discomfort in any kind of situation. Does this sound like an infomercial or what, haha.

LuLaRoe Amelia
Copyright LuLaRoe

The LuLaRoe Amelia is versatile to say the least

I love this dress because it can be worn for all types of different occasions. You could wear it to the office as well as an evening date with that significant other.  Another thing I like about this dress is the fact that it comes with a pocket, I can afford to go out without a hand bag and still carry my essentials. Car keys, Lipstick, cellphones and so on can fit perfectly into the pocket of the dress without it looking bulgy. For sassy and stylish ladies this dress doesn’t only feel sleek, it is also very stylish. The dress has box pleats that go round it from front to the back and the pleats give the dress it’s fancy and relaxed feel.

LuLaRoe Amelia Sizing

In as much as I am a plus size, I look out for dresses that complement my curves, thereby making me feel not only beautiful but also confident and the Amelia dress is perfect for that purpose. I have to admit I was a bit taken back when I learned of the LuLaRoe Amelia sizing options, only because I wasn’t accurate in the past with sizing up and down with LuLaRoe. The neckline of the dress is high and the fitted bodice and sleeves complement just any body size and shape. The neckline also permits the use of accessories like hats, scarfs, necklace and earrings. The colors and the prints you can find this dress in makes it appropriate to be worn all year round.

LuLaRoe Amelia Sizing
Copyright LuLaRoe

Another beautiful feature about this dress is the fact that the zipper at the back is exposed, this gives the dress a high fashion look. You can even wear it with the zipper in front and still stay very chic. An added plus to this dress is that it is well made and wrinkle free, so this saves me the stress of always having to iron it before I put it on.

It’s exciting to note that the Amelia dress is modest in all aspects, this doesn’t mean that it encourages body shaming, what it means is that LuLaRoe intends for it to be worn by all sizes without the plus size ladies feeling less confident about themselves. The LuLaRoe Amelia dress comes with its own sense of class and elegance no matter what size you are.

Finally, whether you are slim or plus size, as far as you are classy and have a healthy dress sense, the LuLaRoe Amelia can fit perfectly into your wardrobe without any regrets. The dress comes in virtually all sizes and you can wear it wherever you want to without trying too hard. The LuLaRoe Amelia dress makes you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin.

Have you attended a LuLaRoe Pop Up?

Let’s be clear – I’m a girl, and I’m not exactly on the petite side. I’ve been self-conscious about what I wear my entire life. Going through my wardrobe every morning has literally been torture – it used to seem that, no matter what I put on my body, my every unsightly roll of pudge would be exposed. It’s been an inner battle just to go out in public.

Ever since I discovered LuLaRoe clothing brand, I’ve become the confident woman I’ve always wanted to be …

It all began with my first LuLaRoe pop up showing. My best friend, Kate, who has a much better body than me, decided to host her first pop up through my favorite independent consultant LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider. I will put her contact below. Robyn was who introduced me to the brand and really, anybody who starts up their own business is freaking awesome, aren’t they? And a clothing business at that! If only I could find a job where I did exactly what I love, and got paid all day for it! Woman power!!

LuLaRoe Pop Up

How a LuLaRoe popup show works

Unlike other clothing retailers, LuLaRoe doesn’t operate through brick-and-mortar shops like JC Penny. Instead, independent hostesses and consultants order their own stock, then set up “parties” for everyone they know where they sell the clothes and take a cut of the profits.

Kate was the hostess, and I was invited among the rest of our girlfriends – although I really didn’t know any of them, since I don’t go out often because let’s face it, I’m not too confident in my body. The LuLaRoe hostess schedules an appointment with an “independent fashion consultant,” and then she invites all her family and friends to come over. Kate literally had an entire shop set up at her home. There were racks and the entire shebang – as soon as we walked in, everyone went crazy!

It was at my friend’s popup party that I was introduced to this spectacular clothing brand. Unlike any other clothes I’ve tried – and, trust me, in my quest to find a way not look like Jabba the Hutt in public, I’ve tried on literally everything – LuLaRoe shirts are the ONLY line that actually make my extra ass-ets 😉 actually look like great assets!

Of course, I had the best customer service experience I’ve ever had while shopping with LuLaRoe. Why? Because with Robyn, she is also one of the best and friendliest consultants that I have ever met! She knows more about what I need from my outfits than any other fashion expert in the market. If my very best friend tried these clothes on and went absolutely gaga over them, I know for certain I can trust this company with what I put on my body.

LuLaRoe Is For The Plus Size Girl

I’ve been to several other pop up parties since my first one. So far, I’ve collected two Julia dresses, the Irma tunic, and an Amelia. Here are some of my favorite features about these clothes:

– They’re versatile, you can easily switch between pieces and make dazzling outfits with every combination

– All of the clothes have been created with outstanding quality

– Every outfit has its own unique character and flavor – each one stands out vibrantly from the rest

– They look great on any body shape (even mine!)

– Having a LuLaRoe pop up party and shopping for clothes is lots of fun with your girlfriends especially with wine involved, hehe.

Ladies….arrive early to these parties, and you’ll have the widest selection to choose from. If the hostess sells an item from her pop-up collection, too late, game over, it’s probably gone forever which is the cool and exclusive fad about this brand.

Maybe you wanted to get the girls together for a day of shopping, but you wanted to hang in the house and have tea (or wine) and cheese. When you shop with LuLaRoe, you can do BOTH at the same time!

Maybe you don’t personally have any friends who are hosting a LuLaRoe pop up. You can get help setting up your own! To do this all you have to do is find a LuLaRoe consultant near you. These Independent consultants are very eager to serve you, once you connect with one through a VIP on Facebook, they will come to your house and set up shop right in your home. Then grab the phone, text all your friends and family, bring them over, and let the pop up party commence!

What’s the best part? (Besides, of course, having clothes that don’t actually make you feel worse than being naked). When you buy the clothes, you take them straight home! No waiting weeks for an order to come in. Also if you are the hostess you get crazy rewards. Yep you heard me right! Because we bought so many LuLaRoe clothes at Kate’s party she received a ton of free stuff. Some consultants give you discounts and even free clothes depending on how many pieces sale at your pop up.

So jump online and find a LuLaRoe consultant and book your next pop up……you will thank me for it later.

How to wash LuLaRoe for Dummies

Ever since the inception of LuLaRoe in 2012, ladies all over America have been in love with the beautiful designs that come in many types of these women’s clothing. In addition to having bright colors with unique designs, LuLaRoe clothes are comfortable and can have you turning heads at different occasions whether it’s a fun night out, a wedding, or at work. You probably have a few LuLaRoe dresses, skirts, or leggings stacked in your closet or laundry basket right now as you read this. As much as we love LuLaRoe, it can be a pain taking care of your Lula clothing particularly when cleaning them. LuLaRoe clothes are made using delicate fabric that may wear down if not cleaned properly. I ruined a couple of good pair of LuLaRoe leggings before getting the hang of cleaning them. How you clean your LuLaRoe will determine how long it stays looking as good as the day you first wore it. Below is a simple guide on how to wash LuLaRoe clothes.

LuLaRoe washing instructions……..first things first

The first thing you need to do is separate your LuLaRoe from your other dirty clothes. You can have a separate laundry basket for your LuLaRoe clothing. You may clean all your LuLa together if you are sure none of them has bleeding colors. You don’t want to risk ruining all your precious LuLaRoe clothes just because of one bleeding legging! If you are unsure or it’s the first time washing a new piece of LuLaRoe clothing, it is advisable to wash it alone so that you can know if it’s bleeding colors or not.

Different types of LuLaRoe clothing have different recommended methods of cleaning. Let’s take a look at some of the nitty gritties of caring for different LuLaRoe clothing items you may have in your collection.

How to wash LuLaRoe Leggings

Now this is where dummy comes into to play. This name fits me perfect after owning and ruining five pair of these leggings before learning how to care for them. LuLaRoe leggings are made of an amazing double brushed cotton that is one of the softest fabrics I have ever felt. As comfortable as they are, they are also super delicate. If you want to prolong the life of your LuLaRoe leggings, avoid washing them after every wear even if it means fighting your OCD. The more you wash them, the faster the signs of wear and tear will appear. When it is time to wash them, follow these simple steps:

1.Turn them inside out to keep them from pilling
2.Wash in cold water
3.Use gentle washer cycles when machine washing. Hand washing is also recommended for leggings
4.Air dry the leggings to prevent staining of the fabric

How to wash LuLaRoe

Kimonos and Lace skirts

Like the leggings, kimonos should only be cleaned when you have to and not after every wear. Hand washing is recommended as you run the risk of snagging on your machine if you choose to machine wash. You may lay the clothes on a towel and squeeze out as much water as possible before air drying them.

All other LuLaRoe clothes

1.Turn inside out
2.Wash in cold water on gentle cycle settings
3.Air dry

How to wash LuLaRoe clothing

Extra tip: Add one cup of vinegar to a gallon of water and soak your LuLaRoe clothes for about 30 minutes before washing them normally. This will preserve the beautiful colors on your LuLa wear so that your clothes can maintain their new look for years to come.

I have to give credit to my girl LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider who shed some light on all that I have learned about this brand. If you are in search for a consultant like mine feel free to join Robyn’s group HERE.

LuLaRoe Shirts – Beautiful Surprise for Big Ladies

LuLaRoe Shirts – Beautiful Surprise for Big Ladies

Ok so I am a big full-bodied woman! I am not fat, call me fluffy if you will. Like you, I sometimes have a hard time finding beautiful clothing to go with my beautiful body. Too tight here or too lose there. Which was why I was so impressed when I found the LuLaRoe Clothing brand.

LuLaRoe specializes in women’s clothing for all sizes and especially for ladies like you and me – plus-size and proud of it. It makes me mad when main stream retail outlets say they have plus sizes and then you only find 1X maybe a 2X in the range. I don’t want to look like a tube of toothpaste- squeezed in all the wrong places!!

Plus-size clothing is not all they do, they also have a unique way of selling and distributing their products. You won’t find them in stores, oh no, they have a network of consultants that do that for them. These girls sell the clothes and even organize parties where a bunch of girls can get together, share some wine and gossip and of course, spend their husband’s money on lots and lots of clothing.

About a month ago I was invited to just such a get together, my girl, Suzanne was hosting it and all the girls from around the neighborhood attended. In the group we just about had every size represented, and that was the first thing that impressed me. This consultant had something for all of us…..LuLaRoe shirts, dresses, pants, leggings and more. Super bonus points there let me tell you. Rarely do you find a consultant with so many of the styles LuLaRoe carries.

Shirts, pants, tees oh my!

For me personally I really loved the shirts and the leggings. I have always struggled finding shirts that fit. But I don’t have that problem anymore. I can’t wait to show my man! So, let me tell you why I like them so much. LuLaRoe shirts have the best cut that I have ever seen for women of my size and all sizes really. Being a big girl with big assets, it’s not comfortable to walk around with so much tightness around my bosom. Also, if the shirt don’t cover my booty – it’s out! And my colorful personality is complemented by the patterns and bright colors of this clothing line.

As much as I am a proud big girl, I don’t like clothing that look one size too small. LuLaRoe shirts are fabulous! They fit right and cover what needs to be covered. The leggings are just the same, they have just enough extra material not to make you feel like you are being squeezed from the bottom, and they still look great!

Oh, I almost forgot! LuLaRoe use names for their clothing, so you don’t buy a shirt, you buy The Lynnae. Make me feel super smart and sexy walking around in my named outfit, haha.

Speaking of which, the reason why I am telling you all this. The clothes! Here is what I spoiled myself with and three of my absolute favs…

The Lynnae Shirt

LuLaRoe Lynnae
LuLaRoe Lynnae-Copyright LuLaRoe

Oh the Lynnae, now she goes wonderfully with leggings or a skirt. Remember I said I like to cover my assets? Well the Lynnae does that just fine. Long sleeve and light material make it fantastic in summer. The neck line makes me feel like flirting and the high-low cut covers what I need. She is slightly tailored which shows off my best features and assets! When I showed her off at the block party the other day I could feel so many eyes on me, the guys were enjoying, and the girls were not!

The Amy T shirt

LuLaRoe Amy T
LuLaRoe Amy T-Copyright LuLaRoe

You sometimes you just want to have a relaxed afternoon in the sun or walking around in the mall, but you don’t feel like dressing up, yeah you know what I mean. The Amy T is the friend you want to wear! Relaxed enough to be chilled but she can bring it if you need it. Amy has a dolman cut with rolled cap sleeves that mean she is beautifully shaped to fit your beautiful body. With buttons on the front you can choose how much of your assets
you show no matter the occasion. You can be out there if you need to, but you can also cover up if “the girls” want to take a rest. Amy goes lovely with pants or dress, so you can mix and match to your hearts content.

And my favorite LuLaRoe shirt of all…….the Irma!

The Irma Top…my ultimate favorite LuLaRoe shirt

LuLaRoe Irma
LuLaRoe Irma-Copyright LuLaRoe

Oh, I love the LuLaRoe Irma so much, she makes me feel fantastic to be me! She fits so well it feels like it was made only for you. Her sleeves make her great to wear with my snazzy leggings when I go walking my little puppy. Irma also feels so nice around my ample assets, I can walk with confidence and look my best without thinking twice about if I am hanging out!

So, to all my Large and In-Charge Ladies out there – find you a LuLaRoe consultant and find your new best friend.

My rock…. my LuLaRoe consultant

I want to take you back to the beginning….to my beginning of becoming a new person. I want to talk about where I got my start and who took me to where I am today. I know she’s going to kill me for doing this but I’m talking about my very first LulaRoe consultant, LulaRoe Robyn Vollenweider. Some people come into your life for reasons unknown but affect you for the rest of your days. I really believe Robyn was that person for me. Before I get too much into Robyn, let me tell you about who are LuLaRoe consultants and what they do.

Get your fix from LuLaRoe consultants

A LulaRoe consultant is like a drug dealer in my opinion, ha, ha. I had to say this because many, many women tell me this.

A LuLaRoe consultant is someone who has went into the business of representing the brand LuLaRoe and sells you the clothes that fill your closet. There’s thousands and thousands of these consultants across this great nation but as you will come to find out you will find a few that impact you for the rest of your life and that you will deem your favorites. It’s really like anything else in life you have your favorite bartenders, your favorite restaurants, your favorite stores you name it. These consultants are nothing more than that. Some are better at customer service, some have a better inventory than others, and some do things that will downright annoy you. You have to find ones that fit your personality. These consultants sell their inventory through their independent Facebook groups. Oh man and let me tell you Facebook is a whole other ball game.

That’s right LuLaRoe is sold on Facebook

So to get down to the brass tacks, to buy these clothes you have to join these Facebook groups. And then these consultants will post their inventory or do live sales or other gimmicks through their Facebook groups. When you see an item you want you type sold, mine, got it and a host of other words that each consultant has picked for the purchase of that item. Just like your news feed will bother you, many things that these consultants post will also bother you. So for me I like a consultant who is direct and doesn’t do silly stunts and not post tooooooo much if you know what I am saying. I treat it the same way I treat my Facebook news feed. But in a way it’s a little different. Often times these consultants will send out invites to their group members notifying everyone of an upcoming sale. So you can accept and be on the lookout for the event. So you really don’t have to worry about seeing a bunch of post or get notifications that annoy you. Some consultants will have you running for the hills and some you just gravitate towards much like me and my favorite Lula lover, Robyn!

My happy place…LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider 

Robyn Vollenweider is by far my favorite LuLaRoe consultant and from Louisiana and comes with a lot of sas. I bought my very first piece of LulaRoe through Robyn. So throughout this blog and articles I post you’re going to see me give a lot of credit to Robyn because she really taught me everything I have come to love about this brand and often times was my psychiatrist just when I needed to talk, ha ha. While I’m sure I’m nothing more than a customer to her she meant so much more to me. I found comfort in her. I give her so much props for sticking with me through all my tough times. I swear customer service should be her middle name. I bombarded her with questions and she never let me go until I was satisfied with the answer. That’s the kind of consultant you need. You need one that will help you, answer your questions and most important ship you your items. No lie, I am a part of some other consultants groups and had to email them on several occasions asking when they planned on shipping out my items. It had literally been 9 days after paying and still no clothes.

LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider


That’s the beauty of this brand that I love. It’s an online shopping boutique. Where I live I only have a few consultants in the area so there aren’t a lot of options. But with the online presence of these consultants I can shop from whomever I want no matter where they are located. You might be asking yourself…..what about trying it on? Well after you buy a few pieces there is really no need to try it on anymore. You know how it fits so at that point it’s all about finding prints and patterns you like and laying down the plastic. Heck the consultants by me don’t even carry all the styles I like so I am forced to shop online. The other cool and interesting thing about this brand is many of the consultants will have different inventory than others. So people in your area may carry one thing and then a state over have same styles but completely different prints. This is how LuLaRoe has created such crazed like followers. If you see a consultant with a print or pattern you like you better buy it because the likelihood of you ever seeing it again is slim to none.

LuLaRoe Outfit Ideas

Check out this cool outfit that Robyn put together. She is amazing at this.

So if you are fortunate to find an amazing LuLaRoe consultant like Robyn Vollenweider, stick with them. Robyn is exceptional and you won’t find too many like her. She has a great inventory, puts together amazing outfits and has live and album sales. All that a girl like me could ever ask for.


The down and dirty on LuLaRoe

This post will be more educational than anything. Mainly a walk through of the brand for those of you who haven’t heard of it or have never purchased any of the clothing. I wish I can say I have never purchased anything, haha. No this brand has literally changed my life and my outlook on everything. In short LuLaRoe is a multi-level marketing type brand like many of the others, Mary Kay, Rodan and Fields etc. What this basically means is this is a brand sold by independent consultants mainly out of their homes and other media outlets. LuLaRoe has established a cult like following across America that has women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities fighting to find the piece that will spice up their wardrobe.

How LuLaRoe is Sold?

LuLaRoe is sold by what they call “fashion consultants” who sell these pieces of clothing through their online boutiques found on Facebook and other social media outlets. These consultants also hold in home pop up boutiques where women can come in person and shop but in a different environment then one would be used to at a department store.

Meet Deanne the brain child behind LuLaRoe:

LuLaRoe was started by this grandmother and mom who wanted more time at home with her kids. She wanted a way to be able to feel successful and work from home. Deanne Stidham is the brainchild behind this clothing brand that is turned fad to phenomenon. Deanne founded LuLaRoe in 2012 with her husband Mark. She named the company after her three oldest grandchildren, Lucy, Lola, and Monroe.

This cult like brand is mostly known for its “buttery soft” leggings but with the backstory of this brand it was started with a simple skirt and social media. Deanne Stidham was quoted on her website that she had designed a maxi skirt for her daughter Nicole, and after her daughter posted a picture of the completed skirt on Instagram, her friends went crazy and all wanted their own.

The founder built the LuLaRoe brand around modesty!

LuLaRoe Modesty

The fashion site Racked writes that “modesty” was behind the brand. “As a member of the Mormon faith,” the site explains, “Stidham wanted to create comfortable clothing that was also modest for women who were unsatisfied with clothing options at traditional retailers.”

The article notes that “LuLaRoe is incredibly popular in the modesty movement,” and sites like the Modern Modesty blog and others praise the clothing for having “modest but cute” styles. But the popularity of the brand was spread to women through all walks of life, Racked notes.

To be honest this is widely part my love of the brand. As a heavier girl or a girl who had a very hard time finding clothes that made me feel good about myself, LuLaRoe is clothing I could grab out of the closet and throw on and go out in public and not have a care in the world. With some many prints and patterns my choices are unlimited. It has changed my outlook and confidence level for the better. I am not ashamed to flaunt myself and never worry what people are thinking anymore.

Leggings made of “butter”

LuLaRoe Leggings

Anyone who buys a pair of LuLaRoe leggings immediately falls in love with them. Seriously it’s like you are literally walking around naked. True story……while at work one day I got up from my chair and while over a computer screen and coffee induced coma, thought for a moment that I wasn’t wearing any bottoms. How funny is that? These leggings are so soft it feels like you have nothing on.

One of the things that get woman so excited about the LuLaRoe brand is the scarcity of the prints and patterns. LuLaRoe has limited runs for each item with a maximum of 5,000, and, some as few as 2,500, certain popular prints are very hard to find, and in high demand. So as someone who has a hard time in finding clothes, when I find my pattern I really don’t have to worry about anyone else wearing the same thing.

Also with the leggings you have what the cult call “unicorns.” Basically in a nutshell these are hard to find and funny patterned leggings. These are leggings with cool designs on them like cupcakes, dogs, fireworks and so, so many more. Women go crazy over these unicorn patters and prints. I meant how cool is to walk around in leggings with your favorite things on them.

Made for women of all shapes, sizes and ages

LuLaRoe Plus Size

This has got to be the most talked about and prized declaration of this brand. These clothes fit women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. If you can’t find something on the racks at the department store you are bound to find a piece of clothing made by LuLaRoe that will fit your taste. Maybe you don’t like your bottom well LuLaRoe has a long tunic that will cover that! Maybe you don’t like your legs! Try LuLaRoe leggings or a maybe a Lucy or Maria to give you the confidence to take the town. I tell you the options are unlimited on what you can stock your closet with and feel good in. And it doesn’t stop there. If you have little ones, LuLaRoe has something for them too. They have leggings, shirts, dresses you name it.

If you have never heard of this brand I hope I have shed some light on the cult like followed fashion line of women across this great nation and if you already know what its about…….happy LuLa hunting!