Quick Guide to the LuLaRoe Price List

Getting the updated price list of LuLaRoe products and other important information on LuLaRoe can be a herculean task. However, it is important to clearly be guided with regards to the LuLaRoe price list for various styles from those who are experts in the field like myself, ha.

By visiting an updated LuLaRoe blog or contacting a LuLaRoe consultant via the LuLaRoe consultant locator, you are sure to get the best designs as well as latest in LuLaRoe fashion. You can also get authentic and updated LuLaRoe styles and sizes when you visit a great LuLaRoe blog like mine.  My girl below has always guided me but I am a bit bias.


Getting The LuLaRoe Price List And Styles Via Blogs

There are a lot of online LuLaRoe blogs that are focused on selling or talking about LuLaRoe and their styles. These blogs give updated articles with regards to the latest styles and sizes for both women, men and children.

Most of these blogs are dedicated solely to LuLaRoe products. Some of them also keep you updated on LuLaRoe prices and can also link you to top LuLaRoe consultants that are always willing to guide you accordingly.

How To Use the LuLaRoe Consultant Locator

The LuLaRoe consultant locator can be obtained from LuLaRoe.com or you can shop your favorite consultant if you are a veteran like myself. These consultant locators enables you to get in touch with a LuLaRoe consultant that will give you advice and direction with regards to the right LuLaRoe designs that will best fit you and your body type. There are a lot of benefits to using the consultant locator. If you are new to the brand the locator can help you find a local representative or search for a name you have heard before.

Now that you got a feel for LuLaRoe, lets jump right into the LuLaRoe price list.

Updated LuLaRoe Styles and Price List

Here is an updated list for female LuLaRoe products as well as their price tags –

Amy $46,

Amelia $65,

Ana $60,

Azure $35,

Carly $55,

Cassie $35,

Cici $55,

Christy T $36

Classic T $35,

Dani $55,

DeAnne $140,

DeAnne II $120,

DeAnne Skirt $90,

Debbie $50,

Georgia $58,

Gigi $35,

Harvey $100,

Irma $35,

Jade $55,

Jaxon $100,

Jill $55,

Jordan $60,

Julia $45,

Joy $60,

Kenny $70,

Leggings $25,

Lindsay $48,

Lola $46,

Lynnae $38,

Madison $46,

Maria $55,

Mark $42,

Maurine $55,

Maxi $42,

Michael $48,

Monroe Kimono $48,

Nicole $48,

Patrick $40,

Perfect T $36,

Randy $35,

Sarah $70,

Shirley $48,

Tank Top $25

Below is the LuLaRoe price list for kiddies wear –

Adeline $25

Kids Azure $12

Bianca $20

Gracie $20

Mae $24

Kids Monroe $28

Sariah $28

Scarlett $24

Sloan $20

Thor $30

Kids Leggings $12

Tween Leggings $14

Also find below the price list for the Disney collection of LuLaRoe –

Adeline $30,

Amelia $72,

Carly $65,

Cassie $38,

Classic $40,

Gigi $38,

Gracie $25,

Irma $44,

Julia $48,

Mae $30,

Perfect T $42,

Randy $42,

Scarlett $30,

Sloan $26,

Kids Leggings $16,

Tween Leggings $17,

Adult Leggings $30


LuLaRoe is a great place to get the clothing that will make you feel good in your own skin. In as much as the price list can be a bit confusing because of the conflicting reports by various blogs, you can always be assured to get the most updated LuLaRoe price list from a good LuLaRoe consultant.

When you find a LuLaRoe consultant you can trust, you will be provided the adequate information needed with regards to the LuLaRoe product you have in mind and a forever bond like the ones I have made with my favorite LuLaRoe consultants.

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