I want to take you back to the beginning….to my beginning of becoming a new person. I want to talk about where I got my start and who took me to where I am today. I know she’s going to kill me for doing this but I’m talking about my very first LulaRoe consultant, LulaRoe Robyn Vollenweider. Some people come into your life for reasons unknown but affect you for the rest of your days. I really believe Robyn was that person for me. Before I get too much into Robyn, let me tell you about who are LuLaRoe consultants and what they do.

Get your fix from LuLaRoe consultants

A LulaRoe consultant is like a drug dealer in my opinion, ha, ha. I had to say this because many, many women tell me this.

A LuLaRoe consultant is someone who has went into the business of representing the brand LuLaRoe and sells you the clothes that fill your closet. There’s thousands and thousands of these consultants across this great nation but as you will come to find out you will find a few that impact you for the rest of your life and that you will deem your favorites. It’s really like anything else in life you have your favorite bartenders, your favorite restaurants, your favorite stores you name it. These consultants are nothing more than that. Some are better at customer service, some have a better inventory than others, and some do things that will downright annoy you. You have to find ones that fit your personality. These consultants sell their inventory through their independent Facebook groups. Oh man and let me tell you Facebook is a whole other ball game.

That’s right LuLaRoe is sold on Facebook

So to get down to the brass tacks, to buy these clothes you have to join these Facebook groups. And then these consultants will post their inventory or do live sales or other gimmicks through their Facebook groups. When you see an item you want you type sold, mine, got it and a host of other words that each consultant has picked for the purchase of that item. Just like your news feed will bother you, many things that these consultants post will also bother you. So for me I like a consultant who is direct and doesn’t do silly stunts and not post tooooooo much if you know what I am saying. I treat it the same way I treat my Facebook news feed. But in a way it’s a little different. Often times these consultants will send out invites to their group members notifying everyone of an upcoming sale. So you can accept and be on the lookout for the event. So you really don’t have to worry about seeing a bunch of post or get notifications that annoy you. Some consultants will have you running for the hills and some you just gravitate towards much like me and my favorite Lula lover, Robyn!

My happy place…LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider 

Robyn Vollenweider is by far my favorite LuLaRoe consultant and from Louisiana and comes with a lot of sas. I bought my very first piece of LulaRoe through Robyn. So throughout this blog and articles I post you’re going to see me give a lot of credit to Robyn because she really taught me everything I have come to love about this brand and often times was my psychiatrist just when I needed to talk, ha ha. While I’m sure I’m nothing more than a customer to her she meant so much more to me. I found comfort in her. I give her so much props for sticking with me through all my tough times. I swear customer service should be her middle name. I bombarded her with questions and she never let me go until I was satisfied with the answer. That’s the kind of consultant you need. You need one that will help you, answer your questions and most important ship you your items. No lie, I am a part of some other consultants groups and had to email them on several occasions asking when they planned on shipping out my items. It had literally been 9 days after paying and still no clothes.

LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider


That’s the beauty of this brand that I love. It’s an online shopping boutique. Where I live I only have a few consultants in the area so there aren’t a lot of options. But with the online presence of these consultants I can shop from whomever I want no matter where they are located. You might be asking yourself…..what about trying it on? Well after you buy a few pieces there is really no need to try it on anymore. You know how it fits so at that point it’s all about finding prints and patterns you like and laying down the plastic. Heck the consultants by me don’t even carry all the styles I like so I am forced to shop online. The other cool and interesting thing about this brand is many of the consultants will have different inventory than others. So people in your area may carry one thing and then a state over have same styles but completely different prints. This is how LuLaRoe has created such crazed like followers. If you see a consultant with a print or pattern you like you better buy it because the likelihood of you ever seeing it again is slim to none.

LuLaRoe Outfit Ideas

Check out this cool outfit that Robyn put together. She is amazing at this.

So if you are fortunate to find an amazing LuLaRoe consultant like Robyn Vollenweider, stick with them. Robyn is exceptional and you won’t find too many like her. She has a great inventory, puts together amazing outfits and has live and album sales. All that a girl like me could ever ask for.


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