If you are a newbie or a veteran and are looking to shop LuLaRoe hopefully I will shed a little light on the process. First off you need to join a LuLaRoe consultants Facebook Group. You can find your own by a simple Facebook search. I will also recommend someone I first shopped with below and make it easier for you. But once you find a consultant you simply follow their page for updates on when they have an album sale, live sale or however else they sell their inventory. You will get signed up to pay invoices through whatever type documentation they may have and then get to shopping. It’s relatively easy.

You will come to learn just as I have that you will find a few tried and true LuLaRoe consultants. I had like four favorites. Two of my favorites closed up shop because someone (their husband) wasn’t happy, haha. So just two left for the time being with Robyn having the best inventory out of the two. But Robyn was my first so I will give you her contact below for a start. Happy hunting.

LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider