Shop The LuLaRoe Catalog In 5 Easy Steps

If Mary Kay is globally known as a multi-level marketing company selling beauty and skincare products, then LuLaRoe is where to buy women’s clothing. Like Mary Kay, you can get access to the products through a consultant, appointed by the company. The consultants are actually acting as independent distributors for the company’s products.

LuLaRoe has been on the market since 2012. It started selling mainly maxi skirts, but later on added other skirts and dresses to its growing product line. But after introducing leggings in 2014, it became the company’s signature product ever since. To ensure its prominence in the fashion industry, LuLaRoe began to design its very own brand’s designs.

LuLaRoe Catalog

Business Model

LuLaRoe clothing is a multi-level marketing company, so it only sells clothing through its appointed distributors. The products inventory need to be purchased by these independent distributors and then resell to their customers.

There are a few ways how distributors sell LuLaRoe products – through parties, through pop-ups or online by social media private groups. You will only find the LuLaRoe Catalog online. This is an easy concept for me because another one of my favorite lines of clothing Venus can only be found online, so i get the online concept as well as does my pocket book, ha.

Lately, social media live streaming events are frequently use to showcase the products, especially when the company introduces new line if products.

How to Shop LuLaRoe?

Where to buy LuLaRoe? With other products normally you can just buy online that easily, just click the buy button and your item will arrive at your doorstep soon later. But it’s quite different with LuLaRoe. Here’s 5 easy steps to shop for LuLaRoe line of fashionable clothing.

1.Pop up Boutique

What happens is you need to set up a date with the owner of the pop up boutique, who is the fashion consultant appointed by LuLaRoe. As a host you will then encouraged to invite friends and family members to the pop up party – the more the merrier it will be.

At the party the fashion consultant will literally set up the shop, with all the racks and things! Usually, like a party some snacks and drinks will be prepared as well. Thereafter you can shop whatever cloth you want. It’s reminiscent of a “Tupperware party”!

2. Online Shopping

This is associated with Facebook shopping groups. This is where you can find LuLaRoe catalog online. Every LuLaRoe fashion consultant has own unique Facebook shopping group. Instead of setting up a full-fledged ecommerce online store, a LuLaRoe fashion consultant uses this Facebook shopping group to showcase the product lines, inform about upcoming new product launch or events to the members.

3. LuLaRoe Live Sale

Live sales are also published on Facebook from time to time. These are rather “flash sales” because normally it runs for a short time, but quite regularly.

Normally the sale announcement will provide a sneak peak at what items to showcase and give a first look at the inventory that is going to be posted later on.

You need to be fast to claim what you like on the offer, otherwise it will be gone in no time at all.

4. Facebook Live Video

First you need to be a member of the fashion consultant’s Facebook group. When the owner starts a Live Facebook Video, you will immediately be notified on your FB. In order to join the live session, you’ll need to click on the video at the group’s page.

Once in, then you can always participate by typing on the comments section and start commenting and asking whatever queries that you have about the products

5. Find a Retailer

Obviously just go to LuLaRoe website and you will be shown a map to find an appointed retailer near your place. Or I have a included some on my site where i feature retailers who I have shopped with and know you wont go wrong with them.

LuLaRoe Catalog Online

Have an awesome experience to shop for up-to-date women’s clothing at LuLaRoe!

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