The Webs Top LuLaRoe Plus Size Reviews

LuLaRoe is committed to ensuring big girls are taken care of, fashion wise. Before the advent of this great idea, big-size girls experienced challenges trying to find a dress and other clothing that fit them perfectly. Believe me I speak from firsthand knowledge. But that’s now a thing of the past, especially considering the fact that LuLaRoe also designed a series of size charts.

Through these charts, you can definitely find a dress that matches your body type and contour. In the following LuLaRoe plus size reviews, we shall discover what people have to say about some of their exquisite offers.

LuLaRoe Plus Size Reviews

LuLaRoe Nicole Plus Size Reviews

I was excited after hearing the buzzword, everybody was going in awe with Lula dresses and the hype was real, as the Nicole dresses stood up to its name and the comfort is just as amazing. With everybody preaching LuLaRoe Nicole plus size, I thought to myself that I gotta try it. I searched for a consultant and expressed my interest in trying it once. And the moment I put it on, my gosh the comfort, the fabric, the fitting… it was all amazing and awesome. I have never felt more comfortable with any other dress. At first, I thought Lula only sold plus sized dresses and tunics, but was surprised at the amazing varieties brought to the table.

They have it all; from kids wear to men’s wear. And although both these apparel styles were in limited variety, for women, they had about 25 different styles each with its own unique presentation, style, stitching, and fabric. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to dabble through various dresses to know what my perfect size was. Ay consultant carried a chart and suggested the size and style and she hit the spot with only two takes. It felt good, I felt amazing and above all, the dresses are comfortable. And for someone like me, comfort matters. Because of my build and body structure, I cannot wear what I like or want. Let’s face it; I don’t think that in the coming future, Chanel or Zara is planning to bring out their plus size apparels. So for LuLaRoe, Nicole Plus size is worth every big or small brand.  Erica-Rhode Island

LuLaRoe Ana Plus Size

I always wished that someone could design a custom dress just for me, a dress that only I could wear and flaunt it everywhere I go. Well, my desire to look different and unique was fulfilled after I got my first LuLaRoe Ana plus Size. I bought it after checking some LuLaRoe plus size reviews on the web and went through the Lula portfolio. At first, I thought that all these dresses were indifferent from what I used to wear in everyday life, but I was wrong…. horribly wrong. The first touch sensation of the dress was so soft and amazing that I couldn’t wait to wear it. I loved everything about my first Lula.

With the scooped neck as well as the half sleeved top combined with a skirt, I could go anywhere without thinking about what to wear, whether I look good, and what not. From casual appearance to a rocking party look, the LuLaRoe Ana plus size has it all. If this was not enough, I got to be the part of a limited piece of collection. I also liked that I could wear the dress with anything, from an open denim jacket to an evergreen leather jacket. The top hat is a lovely addition to enhance your look and make you feel like royalty. Apart from Ana and Nicole, they had various other styles like Julia, Madison Shirley, and my second favorite style Debbie. Jennifer-Denver

LuLaRoe Plus Size Julia

I have made it my motto wherever I go, that there must be a Julia in my bag. I always wanted a dress that could be worn anytime, anywhere and with any accessory that I want, I searched and searched for something like this. But to no gain, until I stumbled upon LuLaRoe plus size Julia on Instagram. The dress was so catchy that I couldn’t resist checking out the whole portfolio and came by this gorgeous Lula’s collection. The styles and uniqueness in their design was simply perfect. The intricate embroidery like appearance of the dress combined with its comfortable fitness makes it an all season must have dress. And here’s the best thing; it works with virtually everything. Whether you got a pullover, a shrug, a cardigan, or any other sweater, just put in with both eyes closed and I promise you that you will look ravishing as ever.

This, I think, is the beauty of LuLaRoe plus size Julia. The only thing that I do not like about Lula is the variety. The colors and the patterns of their dresses are so many that it is next to impossible to choose any one or two, I wish that they were giving these dresses for free, I would kill to get them all. The most important thing about wearing a dress is that it reflects your personality, who you are, and what kind of person you want to be. I got this feeling from these dresses, I realized that I do not need to be someone else, I am who I am. Betsy-New Orleans

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