The first time I heard about LuLaRoe leggings, everyone was going crazy about them and I didn’t know what the fuss was all about. Since I am crazy about fashion and a huge fan of leggings too, my curiosity led me to find out more.

LuLaRoe tall and curvy leggings…the leggings that changed my life!

I was quite fascinated by the positive reviews I came across and decided it was time I actually tried these leggings to confirm the feedback people gave online. Since I am a plus-size girl, I bought a few pairs of the LuLaRoe tall and curvy leggings and when I tried them on I was extremely ecstatic.

LuLaRoe Tall and Curvy Leggings
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When other buyers say that these leggings are super soft, let me tell you that they are being timid to say the least. At first, I couldn’t stop touching them because of that soft amazing feel. These leggings are made from a combination of polyester and spandex; 92% and 8% respectively, hence their soft texture. It is possible to find other companies with this kind of combination, but LuLaRoe is unique because they only use these two materials for all their leggings……..and you won’t find these leggings on any department shelves.

Not only do they fit and bring out your curves well, but they are also extremely comfortable. I can truthfully say that these leggings have had a positive effect on my self-esteem. They make me look good; and when I look good I feel fantastic! I can wear them with literally anything from dresses, skirts, shirts and kimonos.

These leggings come in a variety of colors and exciting patterns. Initially, I was skeptical about wearing fancy prints because they tend to make one look bigger. However, LuLaRoe TC leggings do the opposite and make me look much slimmer whether they have patterns or not. My legs and thighs are big but the patterns on these leggings trick the eyes, making my legs appear slimmer. They have definitely been a major breakthrough for me.

The LuLaRoe Tall and Curvy leggings are recommended for people whose regular clothes size is 10 – 22. I usually go for different sizes between 20 and 22 as my size varies a lot. The leggings have a perfect snug fit and they don’t have that annoying tightness on the waistline like many other leggings do. I have a friend who is a size 26 and these leggings fit her comfortably as well.

I realized however, that most if not all LuLaRoe TC leggings have some variations depending on the pattern. I have a pair that are extremely stretchy and have some extra gathering at the bottom. They still are comfortable nonetheless. These magical leggings with the ever changing patterns take the focus away from my tummy area since that’s where most of my weight lies. Despite these ever changing variations, nothing will stop me from wearing and flaunting them out and about.

Some Quick Facts on LuLaRoe tall and curvy leggings

  • They can pass for a casual outfit depending on what you wear them with.
  • That soft buttery texture remains regardless of the number of times they are washed.
  • They dry really fast on their own.
  • They come in a huge variety of unique colors and patterns; so the chances of showing up at an event with the same pair of leggings as someone else are slim to none.
  • The price for these leggings is cheaper than other name brands. You may find that some sellers may reduce or increase the price, the leggings are generally $25.

How to Buy LuLaRoe TC Leggings

By now you must be ready to get yourself a few pairs of these amazingly soft leggings. One thing you need to know is that the LuLaRoe business is consultant-based. You will not randomly go to Google and find any online shop selling them. You need to find “dealers” who sell the leggings. They can be easily found in online LuLaRoe Facebook groups. I call them dealers because this brand has become a drug for me!

Some of them have an inventory that you can select from while others sell a bunch of them every other week in LuLaRoe live sales. In the latter case, you have to be quick when selecting your favorite pair because they sell super-fast. Each design has 1,000 pieces so if you find one you like you need to order it immediately.

LuLaRoe Leggings Size Chart
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The thing I love most about these leggings is that I can wear them to a party or simply use them as pajamas. Either way, they look stylish and fit very comfortably. I firmly believe that everyone should try these leggings. Even those who don’t like leggings will instantly fall in love the LuLaRoe tall and curvy leggings. And just in case you, like most people, are not sure about what size brings out the fashion animal in you, you can always take advantage of the LuLaRoe leggings size chart and you have my guarantee that you will find something that fits.

How to wash LuLaRoe Leggings

Last but not least you need to know how to care for your leggings. It’s relatively simple for those who do not want to read the tag on the inside of the leggings, haha. I know many of you have read the articles about LuLaRoe leggings fading but I will tell you this will never be you if you follow the LuLaRoe care instructions straight from the horses mouth. To wash LuLaRoe leggings first things first you turn them inside out. Next you wash in cold water, not warm, not hot, but cold! Last but not least you hang to dry. Isn’t that easy? The LuLaRoe washing instructions is literally on the inside of the tag but I know many don’t read tags.

In all you see why these are the leggings of my choice. To grab you a pair of these buttery soft leggings shop with the consultant that started the LuLaRoe craze for me. Shop LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider HERE.

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